Attention Date Change For Nationwide Games

We have some date changes to the upcoming Nationwide games. Please change the dates for the September Nationwide games in September from Sept. 30/Oct 1 to September 9/September 10.


Attention Club Secretaries and Presidents

The form needed to report the results of your Alzheimer's games can be found here. If you have already submitted your results in another form, we will update your form for you. A processing fee of 10% is to be sent to the National Office. Please note that if your Club sponsored the game, winners will receive Grade B points. If your Unit sponsored the games, winners will receive Grade A points.


HadleyParkDuplicateBridge Club Supports“The LongestDayAlzheimers AwarenessEvent


The HadleyPark Duplicate BridgeClub is among the many organizations supporting the Alzheimers Association of Middle Tennessee Programs.“The Longest Day” is an excitingteam fundraising event of the Alzheimers Association. Alzheimers is a diseasethat attacks thebrain. It is the mostcommon form of dementia.

On Saturday,June 18, 2016, teams across theglobe join together to honor those facing Alzheimers diseasewith passion, endurance andlove.From sunrise to sunset, teams participatedbydoingwhat theylove.Our HadleyPark Duplicate Bridgeclub loves to play Duplicate Bridge.Wehosted our thirdevent ofThe Longest Daybyhaving a Bridge and Spades tournament forthe Nashville Community.

All proceedsfor this event weregiven directlyto the Alzheimers Association of Middle Tennessee.We solicitedcontributions forthis worthwhile cause that couldstrike anyof us at any time.All donations were taxdeductible.Forthe pastthreeyears wehave donated more than $6,000.

Mrs. Helen Bester Ross (the HadleyPark Duplicate Bridge Director)has been thecoordinatorfor this event since our involvement. A representative from the Middle TennesseeAlzheimers Association,Jim Ward, was present at our club meeting to accept the donations with an oversized imageof the check.Mrs. Ross provided a Pizza party(prior toour playingbridge)for the club to show herappreciation for everyone volunteeringtheir services and Alzheimer.

T-Shirts weredistributed to the members.

Our President, Connell Garrett, expressed gratitudeforeveryone who contributed to this fund raiserthat willprovide funds forprimarycaregivers,careat anadult daycare,assistantliving or in-home care providers.We look forwardto hosting this veryimportant event next year and manyyears to come.



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The Memphis Bridge Unit publishes a monthly newsletter and wishes to share with you. Please click here to view the August edition.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Bridge Unit (MABU) wishes to announce the startup of the MABU Bridge Academy. Read more here.

The director from the Indianapolis grade A has provided the Points Proof Report for the tournament. This report give a complete listing of points awarded during the tournament. Click here to view the report.

ACBL hires new counsel 

ACBL, ABA working on partnership

During the month of July, the following persons have joined the ranks of our Final Grand Slammers:Wilma Harris-Johnson of Seattle, WA  Minnie Morgan of Dallas, TX  Harriette Johnson of Southfield MI  Elinor Samuels of Smyrna, GA

ABA National Office Contact Information

Willetta Phipps
ABA National Secretary
2828 Lakewood Avenue SW
Atlanta, GA  30315