abaECF, Inc

American Bridge Association Education & Charitable Foundation, Inc.

             abaECF, Inc. was incorporated in 2002 as a 501(c)3 organization, to promote, support and develop nationwide educational and public charity activities for the intellectual sport of bridge.

            The activities of the abaECF, Inc. are conducted by a 15 member Board of Directors. All Board members are volunteers and members in good standing of the American Bridge Association. Administrative costs (mailings, Post Office Box, bank account, legal services, telephone, supplies, insurance, etc.) are kept to a minimum. The corporation does not have or issue stock.

            abaECF, Inc. will provide funds to develop new initiatives in support of bridge and support existing nationwide and local bridge education and activities.


             To engage in educational and charitable activities for the purpose of promoting bridge awareness, education, research, training and scholarships.
To facilitate learning opportunities for young and adult citizens throught the development of national and local bridge programs.


             Raise and distribute Funds to support programs
             Administer F. Alberta Peterson Scholarship & Collegiate Bridge Education Programs.
             Promote National and local community bridge awareness.

             Provide Bridge Participation Statistics and Information for research and educational purposes.
             Develop new innovative Bridge Awareness Programs.