Updating the ABA database in ACBLscore allows you to maintain accurate information on players for your games.The procedure for installing and updating are similar and will be described together. Start by downloading the latest copy of the player's update file. Click here to download the latest version of the player's file. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE UPDATE TO A LOCATION ON YOUR HARD DRIVE WHERE YOU CAN READILY FIND IT. I SUGGEST YOU SAVE IT ON THE DESKTOP OR IN A PLAYER UPDATE FOLDER ON YOUR C DRIVE.

  1. Open the ACBLscore program. On the main(opening) window, click the Data Base menu item. This will open sub-menu .Click the Import/Merge option.
  2. The import and merge capabilities for ACBLscore allow you to create and update your data base from other sources. The update file that you downloaded above is a comma delimmited file.Thereofore, you will be clicking the "import from a comma delimited file" option. Now, click OK.
  3. We next get the "Select file to import" window.  We navigate to the location of the downloaded file. In my case, I save all of my updates to a folder, dbUpdates. Once you have located the file, highlight it and click the "open" button.confirmNext you must confirm that you have selected the correct file.
  4. After specifyng the location of the import file. Next you will be asked to specify the action to take on your ACBLscore data base. Next you will be asked to select the fields to update in ACBLscore if a record in the comma-delimited file matches (by player number) a record in your data base. Note that if a match is not found or the target field is blank, it will be updated regardless of what you tag here. You will now get to specify the fields and their order in the comma-delimited file.
    2. LAST NAME
    4. STREET1
    5. CITY
    6. STATE
    7. ZIP
    The first record is displayed at the bottom of the screen to help you in this procedure. Last name and first name must be included. After you press F9 key to accept the field definitions, you will be asked if the first import record should be ignored. The first record, which was displayed on the bottom of the screen may contain the field names, and if so, answer (Y)es to this question; otherise, answer (N)o.

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