ABA Tournament Reporting System


The ABA Tournament Reporting System is a program primarily designed to automate the process of entering master points earned at regional, sectional and national tournaments.  However, it can also be used to report the results of individual club games.  The major benefit of the program is two-fold: (1) it eliminates the manual entry of master points earned for each player in a tournament and (2) it converts ACBL master points to ABA master points, which ensure the accuracy of the points reported to the National Office.


The program requires Directors in Charge of tournaments to be able to score all types of games in ACBL Score and create game files for importing the results in ABATSS.  The process has several steps, some of which should be performed before the tournament begins, and those that are done after each event is completed at the tournament.  The instructions for using the program are contained in the ABA Quick Start document.  To read and download the document, click here.


If you do not have the latest version of the program, contact Gloria Christler at grchrist2@bellsouth.net or 404-344-9772.  If you currently have a copy of the program and need assistance with getting started, you may also contact her.  You may also schedule a webinar with Gloria for hands-on training if you are interested in learning to use the program.

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