What is Bridge?

Bridge is a four-handed card game played with 52 cards Derived from its parent game "Whist", bridge is compared to other card games as the greatest challenge. In Duplicate bridge, the rules that guide play reduce the influence of luch and permit results or "scores' to be based primarily on skill, and reasoning.  "If you like to play cards, you will love to play bridge.

Why Play Bridge?

Why not? It's easy to learn! It's fun! Playing bridge allows you to:

      meet new people,

      travel to exciting cities, and

      experience being recognized as a winner!

The ABA, through its local chapters and clubs, offers:

      many levels of instruction,

      easy to read books on bridge, some of which may be available at your local library

     opportunities to play with a more experienced player, and

      a mentee/mentor program

Therefore, even if you don't play cards now, you can learn to play and enjoy bridge.  If you are an experienced card player, you already know how much fun card playing can be.

So consider joining the world of duplicate bridge through a membership in the ABA.  Membership and game fees are nominal.

Join the ABA

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