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Bridge Tips by Daisy Smith





Compiled by Daisy Smith


You have learned that with eight points and a four card major you bid the Stayman in response to 1 NT. Now, add this to your bridge repertoire. Don’t bid Stayman with 4-3-3-3. This pattern is what we consider a flat hand. You should raise the NT based on your point count to the appropriate level. You need some ruffing power with a 4/4 fit.

Can I bid Stayman without eight points? The answer is yes. Use the Stayman when your hand is close to a Yarborough with four cards in both majors and at least four diamonds. Whatever the 1NT opener rebids, you will PASS. This may be known as the trash Stayman, garbage Stayman or poor-man Stayman.

What can I bid if my partner opens 1NT and I have 5-4 in the majors with game going points? Bid the Stayman 2C.  What do you do if partner bids 2D? Partnership agreement: (1) Jump in your five card major. If opener has a doubleton in your five card suit, he will bid 3NT. With three card support and other holdings, the opener will make a decision of bidding 3NT or 4 in the major. (2) Jump in your four card major (Smolen Convention). This convention allows the opener to be the declarer. You and your partner can choose from the two. I like number 2.

Can I bid the Stayman with 5-5 in the major? No, use the Jacoby transfer. With 5/5 cards in the majors, transfer to spades and then rebid hearts with game going hands. With invitational hands or part score, transfer to hearts first. This is a partnership agreement. Make sure you discuss with your partner.

When you open 1NT and your partner transfers, super accept by jumping with four- card support and 17 points. Don't jump with hands that contain:

~ No fewer than five quacks (queens & jacks)

~4-3-3-3 distribution

~No aces

~No intermediates (9 &10).


Remember, these are partnership agreement tips.