The ABA BULLETIN is the official publication of the ABA. It is published to provide information to the membership. The BULLETIN will be published quarterly, March 1, July 1, October 10 and December 10. Deadline dates are January 15, May 15, August 25 and October 25, for officers and committee chairs. For all others, the deadline will be the date published in the previous BULLETIN.

Policy for the ABA BULLETIN

The BULLETIN will include:

  1. Schedule dates and sites of National tournaments.
  2. Bridge results, including Nationwide games and Milestones
  3. Annual reports from the National officers: President, Vice President, National Secretary, and the Treasurer and reports from standing committees.
  4. Regional and Sectional tournament results
  5. Section, Friend, Williams and top ten point races.
  6. In Memoriam
  7. Stories which enhance the BULLETIN reports on the National Tournaments including winners.
  8. Reports on the C.G. Fredd and Victor Daly Knockouts.
  9. Bridge Education articles.
  10. Letters to the Editor

Other BULLETIN Issues

  1. Anonymous letters will not be published
  2. First class copies of the BULLETIN will be sent to the Board of Directors.
  3. Election Ads will not be accepted. Each candidate for office will be allowed to submit a one/half page profile.
  4. At each National Tournament, the Editor is to make available all excess photographs from the previous tournament for SVPs to select and use in a collage for display at their Sectional Tournaments or given to members

NOTE: The editor is privileged to make unbiased and objective editorial comments or footnotes, when appropriate.

ABA Web Site

The ABA Web Site provides members of the organization with up-to-date information on all aspects of the organization. This includes:

  1. Tournament trail listing of upcoming National, Sectional and A Regional tournaments.
  2. Tournament results
  3. Friend and Joyce Williams Derby winners
  4. Web pages for advertising National tournaments
  5. Directory of ABA Units and Clubs
  6. A listing of Final Grand Slammers
  7. ABA Publications
  8. All forms used by the ABA
  9. A Birthday Corner
  10. Other newsworthy items

The acceptance of articles and information to the Website must meet established Website Guidelines. The National Secretary must approve all articles submitted for website publishing.