President's Message






Members of the American Bridge Association let me first apologize for the delay in getting this April Newsletter to you and next to thank you all for your support that lead to the success of the Spring National in Reno.  You are awesome and I have been taught that when eloquent words are not good enough, a simple THANK-YOU cannot be beaten.  We haven’t gotten all of the reports in to give a complete report of the tournament, but you kept us from going into a penalty phase with the hotel.  The Tournament was small and did not generate the revenue we expected, but it was a nice event and enjoyed by participants.  The newsletter delay was due to the tournament being held 1-7 April and my being hospitalized within the week after my return from Reno along with family emergencies.  I wish also to thank you all for the calls, cards, your prayers and kind thoughts during the time I was in the hospital.  I am back at home now and vigorously back at the computer trying to rectify our efficiency and getting information to you as quickly as possible.

          As you are well aware, this is an election year for the American Bridge Association and I am a candidate to remain for another term as your president.  Now is the time when you are going to hear the most “ALTERNATIVE FACTS” about the state of the association and the actions of this administration.  It is very difficult to counter these untruths because there doesn’t have to be any basis for them.  Anyone can make a statement and need no facts or truths to substantiate it.  Your executive team has worked tirelessly to improve the efficiency of the national office, to better our services to you and to make tournament operations better for your enjoyment.  In my effort to be transparent, I have tried to keep you appraised, on a monthly basis, of the state of the association and what we were doing to improve our status.  In the near future we will unveil a new and enhanced website to allow for better communication and better services to you, our members.

Bridge Players, loyalty and dedication without personal agendas is what you have with this administration.  Our agenda is to provide a better service to you and support the long life of the American Bridge Association.  We have started a mass of initiatives, the results of which cannot be witnessed in one term of office.  Changing the team at this critical time will negatively impact all the work that has been done.  The vision of this team incorporates our future and we have learned from our past.  We can’t go back if we are to survive. Long Live the American Bridge Association.  Now on to Lombard to make it the best it can be.


Henry “Hank” Irwin, ABA President